Wednesday, February 19, 2014

RoboCop: Prime Directives - Fan edit


We all know Robo:PD is a lame attempt to bring the old Robo back, but it did have some good material in there.
So what was done was cutting down all the excessive content, and here's a small brief of what changes were made:
- Removed most of Bone-Machine sequences (including the hostage situation with The Bombs, which I changed a bit drasticly), and made him appear a lot less to make him look a bit more terrifying rather than just plain pathetic as he seems to be
- cut out most of OCP's pointless meetings and small chit-chat stuff
- removed some of the bad acting and pointless scenes
- reduced the fighting sequences to create more dynamics on the narrative
- removed some spoiler scenes to create more mystery around Robocable - as an homage to RoboCop 1!

My pity is that I couldn't wrap the P.D.'s soundtrack - that trumpet-based theme gets into my nerves...! - but anyway, I managed to reduce 4 episodes to just 2, with two-hours each (aprox.).